We are a small family run business based in the Warwickshire area of the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to supply quality, hard to find, original antique parts for the collector, restorer and also trade customers.

We have in stock over a million antique gun parts from original stores in the UK and major continental arms factories, and we continue to search and update our stocks through contacts around the world. We supply parts for flintlock, percussion and early breech loading guns.

We also sell flintlock, percussion and early breech loading long guns and pistols that fall under Section 58 of the British Firearms Act, as well as antique accoutrements and edged weapons.

We carry out restoration work – Andy Oakley is a practising gunsmith with many years experience in restoring classic antique arms. Our services include making and fitting gun parts, Browning gun barrels, re-stocking, and full refinishing of guns.

We provide an in-house engraving service. Our engravers will be happy to show you examples of our work on antique and modern guns.