CENS custom made devices are a lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable form of hearing protection for shooters. They are a great alternative to the ageing ear muff style protectors and are tested and certified to CE EN352 requirements.

Free CENS BASC Gift Pack worth £125.97

CENS digital are pleased to offer a FREE CENS BASC Gift Pack worth £125.97 available to BASC members. The pack contains a PerfectDry LUX disinfection and drying system, a high performance CENS LED torch and a pack of 30 hygienic cleaning wipes.

Order your custom-made CENS ProFlex digital devices or a pair of electronic modules from our website: https://www.censdigital.com/shop/

Instructions on how to redeem the free gift pack will be sent with your devices.

Terms and Conditions
Only one Gift Pack worth £125.97 (inc. VAT) can be sent free of charge when choosing one of the following models:

CENS ProFlex DX1, CENS ProFlex DX3 or CENS ProFlex DX5.

(full custom-made model or a pair of electronic modules).

 CENS Classic DX1, CENS Classic DX3 or CENS Classic DX5.