At The Gun Shop, Botley, we are always willing to assist in choosing the best kit for you. Whether it’s a great new or second-hand gun for your next shoot, or to get some new clothes to fend off the British weather in style, we can help.

Located inside Botley Mills, Hampshire, The Gun Shop has a fantastic selection of items on display; including air pistols, air rifles, shotguns, slingshots, rifle ammunition, shotgun cartridges, pellets, clothing, optics, and knives – as well as all the accessories you may need.

Since reopening under new management in Spring 2015, we have been on a mission to create the best shop for you, the customer. We’d love you to pop in and have a look around. As a shop, one of our key missions is to break down barriers for entry into shooting sports and country pursuits. If you are interested in shooting a 500 bird pheasant day, fly fishing for trout, shooting Olympic sport, or any manner of other goals, we will try to help you as best as we can.