At NiteSite we design and manufacture patented night vision products for hunting and zero light observation.

We utilise infrared in a unique way to make our products more affordable, reliable and user-friendly than traditional night vision systems. Our products deliver crisp, ultra-clear night vision, regardless of ambient light conditions.

The true beauty of a NiteSite is that it converts your day scope (there’s no need to remove it) into a powerful night vision system that is quick and simple to set up.

We continue our on-going mission to revolutionise night hunting through our innovative range of infrared night vision products designed to meet the requirements of all types of hunter.

The VIPER for short-range hunting, WOLF for medium range targets and the ultra powerful EAGLE for long-range strikes are tried, tested and loved by hunters all over the world.

Our scope mounted products are augmented by our hand-held Sentinel Range, designed to complete the hunting and scouting experience.

If you want to hunt at night… it’s got to be a NiteSite.