AimCam is the result of over four years of research and development which all stemmed from an idea on a Skeet shooting ground, which has finally developed into the best way to capture video footage of your true line of sight when participating in Aiming sports.

AimCam is not only a stylish pair of safety and sunglasses it also integrates our patented camera system. The AimCam camera system is fully adjustable to capture your line of sight, however, it can also be easily set-up to function as an everyday video camera to capture your POV for all activities, such as skiing, hiking or just a day out with friends or family. That’s why our catchphrase is “See It Your Way”!

AimCam’s adjustable line of sight camera is the world’s first video system to capture and live stream what you see from your perspective!

Capture Full HD video footage directly down your line of sight. Use AimCam as the perfect training aid, for safety and security purposes or simply store that memorable moment. Capture for the first time your point of view down the rib of your gun, the shaft of your arrow, landing that perfect fish and so much more…

Not only is AimCam the most accurate point of view camera system for your sport it’s also built into an awesome pair of stylish sports glasses with multiple interchangeable impact resistant safety lenses and packed full with accessories.

AimCam is designed to “See it Your Way”

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