The Country Food Trust is a new charity that has been formed to help provide thousands of free meals using game meat to those in need.

In simple terms, we are a charity food producer making top quality protein based food that we donate to charities who feed people in need. The charity is funded by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts and other charitable organisations. See how you can help.

We started by speaking to charities that told us they get a lot of nutritionally low value food – but very little meat and they had little chilling or freezer capacity. We knew there were affordable, plentiful and nutritional meat sources available which we could turn into meals and we worked with charities on the product design.

Currently we have two products, The Country Casserole, a nutritious and warming pheasant casserole and The Country Curry, a mildly spicy pheasant curry.

In our first year we produced 20,408 meals and since inception we have produced over 1,000,000 meals. These meals are donated either directly to people in food poverty, charities who feed people in need or through amazing charities like FareShare who distribute food nationwide to other charities. Please see our page on our recipient charities.