At PACDOG we are passionate about the special bond between pets and owners. Since 1989 we have been keeping pets safe and developing our products with this in mind. Our PACDOG Remote Trainers, Pet Fences and Bark Controllers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, their dependability and humaneness enhances the lives of dogs and cats. They are an excellent remedial training tool which has saved hundreds of thousands of dog’s lives, so many rescue dogs with problems that just couldn’t find a suitable home were finally successfully rehomed following training with the help of our systems.

Until someone has encountered dogs that have issues or strong instinctive predatory drive it can be hard for them to understand how remote trainers can help.

Working dogs off lead are a good example where the attraction of reward finds itself in competition with natural instinct. The further the distance, the greater the distraction and possibly the greater the handler’s frustration. Dogs can be very aware of tension and stress levels in their handlers as they can easily detect when adrenalin is released. With an e-collar, handlers can remain calm at all times, knowing that the ability to act in an emergency is literally within their grasp and this does help avoid confusion and increase the bond between them. A dog during a chase can reach speeds of up to 30mph – 44ft/Second, offering a reward in that situation is utterly useless. The vibration/tone from an e-collar could be sufficient to regain control, but if not, there is the electrical stimulus to fall back on. PACDOG e-collars offer a choice of different forms of stimuli; vibration, tone and stimulation. The stimulation is similar to the “Static” you get when you touch a car door or supermarket trolley, all it does is distract the dog from what it is doing such as ignoring your recall, chasing sheep etc. it gets his attention back to you and with lots of praise and attention you can get him to return to you or follow your command. No drama, just dog and handler interacting with each other in a composed manner.

The PAC Pet Fence system is the ideal, low-cost, invisible way to contain your pet safely, automatically and humanely within a designated area of your garden or property. It is mostly invisible and avoids the need for an ugly and obstructive boundary fence. Since it provides constant, 24/7 surveillance, you do not have to be around keeping watch at all times. By buying extra, suitable PACDOG collars, any number of dogs/cats may be contained within the area that you have set, which might well include “no-go” areas, such as flower-beds, children’s play areas, fish ponds, water features or swimming pools.

We are also proud members’ of ECMA (Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association). All ECMA members’ products meet the latest technical requirements which enable training while protecting animal welfare. All members’ user guides use the ECMA code of practice as a reference providing consistent instructions for effective training techniques while protecting animal welfare.