We are the UK’s first shooting retailer that cater specifically for ladies – we also look after ladies who beat and pick-up too.

There are some brilliant pieces out there for ladies, but they were so hard to find, and spread across many different retailers – we bring them all together as an extensive collection for ladies. We have many of the well-known brands on board, and have hand-picked some fabulous independent brands to showcase along side them – and they really do hold their own!

All of our items have been tried on and fitting notes put on the product details, so you can see how they fit (should you order a size up, what is the sleeve length like etc) – we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the item that you want, that is functional and still looks good at the same time. After all, the point of all of this is to almost forget about the clothes, and to have fun out shooting, beating or picking-up!