Any peg, on any shoot, any beat, on any river.

You’re betting your life on ambulance response time to cardiac arrest?

Surviving cardiac arrest is category 1 – time critical.

Woodland, moorland, field or stream, our sports take place out in the ‘sticks’. These are all rural, remote and often inaccessible access for paramedics, with unfortunate results. It is now time for every shoot in the UK to carry a defibrillator on every shoot day either in the gun bus, quad or similar. Defib Plus, working alongside all field sports, are offering significant cost reductions on all units and their maintenance to ensure self-sufficient, first response in this critical condition.


Defib Plus Ltd is a specialist supplier of defibrillators and supporting equipment. We provide a comprehensive, outsourced solution to all areas of ownership of this equipment, including but not limited to, the liabilities that might be associated with the ownership of medical equipment.

Contact us for peace of mind around purchase, support and maintenance of this vital equipment.

10% off published RRP for all BASC members.